Commercial Cleaning Services

Every commercial facility wants to offer their customers and employees the cleanest working environment and JAC Janitorial Services offers specialized commercial cleaning services including but not limited to: carpet, bathroom, floors and window cleaning. We tailor our services to our clients specific needs and schedule. Our attention to detail and experienced crew will make the difference for your facility.

Our commercial cleaning customers include but are not limited to:

Commercial Cleaning

  • Office Cleaning
  • Daycare
  • Schools
  • MedicalOffices
  • Hospitals
  • Churches
  • Restaurants
  • New Houses
  • Houses in foreclosure
  • Residential
  • And More…

Our Services


  • Vacuum all carpets and mats
  • Sweep, dry mop or vacuum all floors areas
  • Remove rubbish and replace bin liners
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces of desks, chairs, table and other furniture
  • Remove cobwebs from front entry and immediate surrounding areas
  • Remove fingerprints and marks from around light switches and door frames
  • Clean glass doors inside and out
  • Clean freight and passenger elevator cabs
  • Clean break room tables, counter tops, chairs. Wipe vending machines and exterior of appliances as needed
  • Clean water fountains
  • And More…

Toilet & Bathroom areas

  • Clean toilets and urinals with disinfectant
  • Stock toilet tissue, hand towels and hand soap
  • Clean mirrors
  • Dust partitions, tops of mirrors and frames.
  • Mop and clean restroom floors with disinfectant
  • And More…

Lifts & Stairs

  • Remove rubbish from all areas
  • Polish all brass and handrails
  •  Vacuum all landing floors
  • Mop all hard floors with disinfectant
  • Spot clean internal glass in lifts
  • And More…

Post Construction Cleaning Services

JAC will provide the final detailed cleaning needed once your construction is finished –  giving the premises a professional ready-to-move-in look.

You can rely on our experienced crew to effectively clean:

All Rooms

  • Remove rubbish from all areas
  • Remove labels and stickers from appliances
  • Remove painter’s tape and masking tape from walls
  • Clean and polish glass and mirrors
  • Wipe down window trim
  • Wipe down baseboards, chair rails, crown molding and door trim
  • Wipe off door hardware
  • Clean light fixtures
  • Vacuum all carpet and dry mop wood floors
  • Wet mop tile and concrete floors


  • Remove rubbish
  • Remove labels and stickers from fixtures.
  • Clean and polish faucets, shower faucets and drain
  • Clean and polish shower tile and  tub
  • Clean countertops and backsplash.
  • Polish glass and mirrors
  • Clean outside and inside cabinet and vanity drawers.
  • Clean inside vanity shelves and spaces behind doors
  • Clean toilets and urinals


  • Remove rubbish
  • Clean and polish sinks and faucets
  • Clean under sinks
  • Wipe down cabinet fronts and exposed sides
  • Clean and polish counter tops
  • Remove tags, labels and clean the appliances and sinks